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Gamestocker 1.0.1

Postby Info-Mac » February 22nd, 2004, 11:00 am


Gamestocker is the ideal companion for the soccer lover, who likes to
save all the data about his own favourite championships. It lets you
create a database with multiple soccer tournaments, like the top
division and the minor ones of your country. After you have built the
championships, you may add each day with the results of each match. The
input is very easy through some facilities to reduce the tedious task
of writing more than once the team names.
The application lets you calculate all the standings, the goals made
and passed, some averages and lets you show the trends of each team
through the championship. It lets you store also any result of
soccer-based lotteries, like Italy's Totocalcio, French LotoFoot, or
Spanish Quiniela.
Based on the amount of information of each team and each match,
Gamestocker is also the effective tool for the strategy driven bet, and
helps anybody to build a system that fulfills statistical issues. It
estimates the percentages of victory, draw or loss for all the teams in
order to reuse those values in other games such PowerToto or TotoTurbo
or for independent bets with bookmakers.
Gamestocker is a shareware software and its 20 US$ fee can be paid
through Kagi. System requirements are any MacOS computer supporting
Carbon, so any PowerMac with MacOS 8.1 or newer. It's fully compliant
with MacOS X, Panther included. The archive contains two applications
for two languages, English and Italian.

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