MacPipes X 1.1.3

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MacPipes X 1.1.3

Post by Info-Mac » January 26th, 2004, 11:00 am


Thank you for your interest in this game. I hope you'll enjoy it.

This read me file contains only a few basic pieces of information on the
To access the full documentation, including instructions on how to play
the game and how to purchase it, launch the game application, wait for
it to load completely and select "MacPipes X Help" from the Help menu.


The first public release of this game was numbered 2.0. It sounds a bit
strange, doesn't it?
Well, in fact this game has a long story behind its back.
Despite its appeal and gameplay, it is NOT a clone of Pipe Dream from
LucasArts Games; it is in fact a rendition of a small Amiga game I saw
in the late 80s, called Pipeline. It was so addictive that I decided to
port it to my Mac (it was a Macintosh SE, one of those small machines
with a black & white built-in screen, do you remember?)
I started programming it in Turbo Pascal in 1988 (I still have that
proto-version floating around somewhere on my hard disk). Then the 90s
arrived bringing color to the Macs. In early 1994 I produced a color
version of MacPipes but didn't release it to the public until July 1995.
The last classic version of the game (2.2.7) was released in early 1999.
The current version of MacPipes requires a PowerPC processor and runs on
Mac OS 8.6/9.x with CarbonLib and natively on Mac OS X. Since it is a
complete rewriting of the original game, I decided to add a 'X' to the
name and restart version numbering from 1.0.0 (oh, by the way, the silly
name it's because all Macintosh programs in the 80s were called MacThis,
MacThat, MacSomething).


PowerPC processor.
Mac OS 9.0 or later.

For Mac OS 9.x only:
3 MBytes free memory.
CarbonLib 1.5 or later.


Mac OS X 10.1 or later.
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