Apeiron 1.0.2

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Apeiron 1.0.2

Post by Info-Mac » August 20th, 1999, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/game/arc/apeiron-102.hqx

Apeiron is the latest contribution from Ambrosia's resident Macintosh
wizard, Andrew Welch, to Ambrosia's growing entertainment collection. In a
four Apple review, Mac Home Journal says: "...if you like fast paced arcade
action, you're going to want this."

During a port through the looking glass, the mirror shatters and your
ethereal energy (you know, the stuff that allows you to get up and go to
work on a Monday morning...) is trapped within one of the crystal shards.
Immediately, the residents of the mushroom patch sense your presence. Lead
by the Pentipede, this motley crew of mushroom patch misfits relentlessly
hunt the crystal ( You! ), intent upon sucking out the trapped energy. The
Pentipede is a sinister creature that has the ability to divide. So, if you
think your troubles are over when you shoot this sneakered psycho once, you
are twice as wrong.

The Pentipede is joined by a ruthless assortment of animated killers, and
your situation is further complicated by a few unpleasant "environmental"

Luckily you are not defenseless; with plasma cannon blazing, you must hold
out as long as possible. Shooting certain mushrooms can be very beneficial
to your mission. Several power up coins are scattered throughout the
garden. Find one of these and you can teach the Pentipede and his pals the
meaning of "full auto."

Inside Mac Games sums it up by saying "Apeiron's astounding graphics and
sound coupled with its captivating gameplay make it a joy to play and a
worthy successor to a classic such as Maelstrom."

The following is a list of the bugs that were fixed in Apeiron 1.0.2:

-- Finally fixed the nasty sprinkly shield bug (happened only when you
were attacking 'pedes that were poisoned, en-mass)

-- Fixed an odd bug with Mode32 and some other configurations that
cause the 'pedes to misbehave

-- Fixed a bug that caused Apeiron to not work properly on the newer
PowerMacs running System 7.5.2

-- Updated the contact information

-- Included the "Apeiron FAQ" and "Ambrosia FAQ" with Apeiron

-- Added a "Paused" graphic when the game is paused with the Caps Lock key

-- Included the new Ambrosia registration system
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