Cave Dig 3 uploaded!

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Cave Dig 3 uploaded!

Post by Info-Mac » January 1st, 2002, 11:00 am


Cave Dig 3 is a wonderful and challenging arcade/puzzle game with beautiful
graphics, a great soundtrack and a simple yet entertaining gameplay.

You control Simon, a small fox with great powers, who is transported
in a
fantastic underground world. You will have to dig, move stones, travel
through warps and ultimately use a laser pistol to escape from the hostile
caves. Watch out for the creatures! They will block your path, chase you and
squash you if you are not careful. Cave Dig 3 is bound to become a shareware

The cheats and all the levels are unlocked in the registered version
of Cave
Dig 3.


• Mac OS 8 or better on any Power Macintosh. Cave Dig 3 is a classic
application and should function normally under Mac OS X.

• 10 Mb of storage space

• 640x480 screen or larger, supporting 256, thousands, or millions of colors.

• Draw Sprocket and Quick Time 3 or better
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