Descender 1.3.1

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Descender 1.3.1

Post by Info-Mac » October 21st, 2004, 9:00 am


Descender 1.3.1

Descender is a modern Tetris-styled arcade game. It features great 1-
player puzzle-crunching action, with an additional 2-player battle mode
for heated versus showdowns. Watch out for the fluidly moving pieces,
polished 16-bit graphics, and a kickin' surf-rock soundtrack.

The game also features a Worldwide Online High scores system, so you can
compete for a top ranking score against some of the best Tetris players
on the

Descender is $12 shareware and runs natively in both Mac OS X and Mac OS

- Addictive puzzle-action gameplay for 1-player
- Fierce and frantic 2-player battle showdown
- High resolution 16-bit graphics
- Fluid animation and piece movement
- Professionally recorded surf-rock soundtrack
- Customizable controls and key sensitivity.
- Gorgeous Backdrops
- High Scores
- Integrated Online High Scores

- PowerPC running MacOS 8.6+ or Mac OS X.
- CarbonLib 1.1
- QuickTime 4.0 or higher

More information at:
Purchase at:

Descender is proudly brought to you by SloppyDisk Software, creators of
Sloppy Sokoban and the ever-popular PongWars: The Paddle Strikes Back.
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