Dragonoid_Tribute, game submission; requires other software

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Dragonoid_Tribute, game submission; requires other software

Post by Info-Mac » January 6th, 2003, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/game/arc/dr ... ribute.hqx

Dragonoid_Tribute.hqx has been uploaded to Info-Mac. It is a set of 50
custom levels for the existing Mac shareware game, Colibricks, which is
found elsewhere in these archives. Note: custom levels only work for users
who have registered and paid for their copy of the game, Colibricks ($16 as
of this writing).

Dragonoid_Tribute is a simulation of that FABULOUS PC game, Dragonoid...
and it has been created with the kind permission of Dragonoid's developer,
Alan Patterson (many thanks!). The graphics are downright ASTOUNDING, and
the concept is wildly innovative: vanquish the dragon before he vanquishes
you, all the while playing a breakout-style brick & paddle game. Try it!

System requirements are simply those needed for Colibricks. Go to
http://www.colibricks.com for a full rundown. Basically, you need Mac OS 8
or higher, Quicktime, 12MB free RAM, and a processor speed at least 200MHz
-- but I've seen it run satisfactorily on a 150MHz machine.

NOTE WELL: The submitter of this Dragonoid_Tribute has no financial or legal
ties with the creators of either game, Colibricks or Dragonoid.

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