DreamLight Verttice 3.0

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DreamLight Verttice 3.0

Post by Info-Mac » October 7th, 2000, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/game/arc/dr ... tice-3.hqx

DreamLight Verttice 3.0; DreamLight_Verttice.sit.hqx

The award winning DreamLight Verttice is a mesmerizing game of skill

and strategy. Race against time to contain a laser light reaction.

Carefully transfer Photons from the central Reactor Node through the

ever changing Laser Lattice to waiting Power Nodes. Use your wits and

reflexes as you struggle to prevent the lattice's collapse. There are

18 levels of six Laser Lattices each, for a total of 108 lattices of

increasing difficulty. No one has yet been able to complete level 18

to earn the rank of Virtuoso. Could you be the first?

PowerMacintosh, iMac or faster; MacOS 8; 512x384x256 color monitor;

10MB free RAM; 6MB Free hard drive space.

On-line manual: http://DreamLight.com/webshop/software/verttice.htm
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