frequon-invaders-11.sit.hqx - Fourier Arcade Game

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frequon-invaders-11.sit.hqx - Fourier Arcade Game

Post by Info-Mac » March 5th, 2001, 11:00 am

Download: ... vaders.hqx

Frequon Invaders 1.1 is an arcade game in the Fourier Domain.

You control a wave pattern with the mouse, and attempt to

destructively interefere with wave patterns of the invading

Frequons. Prior knowledge of Fourier transforms is not required.

You develop the necessary intuition by playing. It is both

visually beautiful mathematics and a weird game.

System Requirements:

* PowerPC Macintosh

* Mac OS 7.5 or later

* Video card that supports 256 colors or more.

* About 2 Mbytes of free memory

Tested on Mac OS 8.0, for 8-bit and 16-bit color.

Distribution: Frequon Invaders 1.1 is freeware.

Arch D. Robison

1406 Country Lake

Champaign IL 61821

[email protected]
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