Abstract of HoverSpeeder sampling-BGM

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Abstract of HoverSpeeder sampling-BGM

Post by Info-Mac » April 27th, 2000, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/game/arc/ho ... er-bgm.hqx

name : HoverSpeeder sampling-BGM

language : English

author : CoolBreezeSTUDIO(A.Takano)

email : [email protected]

WWW : http://www02.so-net.ne.jp/~cbstudio/

This data is a file which adds to the game 'HoverSpeeder' and

enable to play BGMs using a sampling sound.

Using this data needs HoverSpeeder application.

HoverSpeeder do the BGM performance by QuickTime. By changing

to this sampling sound data, music quality becomes good(STEREO),

even the speed of a game improves. To use sampling sound data,

you copy(or move) BGM_AIFF file into 'datas' folder which is

included in HoverSpeeder folder. After this operation, restart

the game.


[end of abstract]
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