Invasion of the Goofy Aliens 1.0.1

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Invasion of the Goofy Aliens 1.0.1

Post by Info-Mac » February 1st, 2001, 11:00 am

Download: ... ns-101.hqx

This is an update to Invasion of the Goofy Aliens 1.0

This file should be placed in Games/Arcade

After the aliens landed, everybody thought it was pretty neat. But after a while, it soon became clear that there was something wrong...very wrong. They were a pain in the neck! They acted like the Earth was a giant playground and they trampled over everything!

Here's where you come in. After days of aliens raiding your refrigerator, overfilling your bathtub and trashing your house playing twister, you snap and start shooting at them with your pea shooter. And it worked - they split! Now armed with your pea shooter and a mission to rid the world of these pesty aliens you are determined to chase them off the face of the Earth!

System Requirements:

Invasion of the Goofy Aliens should run on any grayscale or 265 color mac with 5 megs of ram running version 6.04 or later.


This file may be freely distributed as long as the "Read Me" file is included. Please feel free to include this game on any CD-Roms, see the "Read Me" file for more info.

This file was checked with Disinfectant and was found to be free of viruses.
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