Retro 1.0, classic arcade game

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Retro 1.0, classic arcade game

Post by Info-Mac » December 7th, 2000, 11:00 am


Retro is a fast-paced arcade shareware game from Z Sculpt Entertainment.
It's an immersive game that blends modern graphics and sound FX with old
fashioned fun factor and playability. It features parallax scrolling, up
to 2 player simultaneous play, randomly generated levels, and high
quality stereo sounds & music. It requires system 7.5.3 or higher ( OS
8.0 - 9.0.4 compatible ), and any PPC Macintosh with a 13" ( 640x480 )

Play a modern adventure that recalls the golden age of arcade video
games, when kids were fighting for the future of the Galaxy against
unbeatable odds.

Return to those days with your friends as you battle your way through a
universe of random levels providing ultimate replay value. Take the
controls of unique starships on alien worlds to overcome a myriad of
foes. Go for it!

Visit for more information.

Price: $19.00
Category: Shareware
Requires: Any PPC
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