Snavely 1.0.4

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Snavely 1.0.4

Post by Info-Mac » August 20th, 1999, 9:00 am


Snavely is a completely original arcade game for the Mac. In Snavely it is your
job to control two big-nosed, wriggly snakes. You have to keep them from
wandering off the edge of the playing board, and maneuver them so they cross
paths, creating an "egg" and scoring points. As you progress through the levels
of Snavely, your snakes encounter a variety of objects -- some that are useful,
and some that make trouble for you and your snakes. Snavely takes only about one
minute to learn, but the complexity, difficulty and strategic possibilities
increase with each successive level, so it should take you a long, long time to
get bored with the game. Complete instructions to Snavely are within the game,
under the Apple menu.

Snavely is completely non-violent, making it suitable for all ages and all
sensibilities, while the higher levels of the game present a hefty challenge even
for experienced arcade-game-fiends.

Snavely can be played by one person, or by two people playing cooperatively (one
person controlling each snake). The latter option has been applauded by parents
for the unique opportunities it provides for cooperative play for two children or
for a parent and child.

Snavely is simple to learn, but not simple-minded. For example, the "reward"
objects you encounter are not just arbitrary "power-ups". They are meaningful
tools that you can make use of to your advantage, or misuse to your peril.

Snavely is a professional quality game with smooth, fast animation, multi-channel
sound, background music, and all that cool stuff.

This is version 1.0.4 of Snavely. This version introduces the use of the Kagi
shareware payment system.

Requires: System 7.0 or later, 256 colors, any size monitor, LC or better Mac,
2000K free RAM. Shareware; $15.00

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