Space Debris v2.2 - A Crystal Quest clone for Macintosh

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Space Debris v2.2 - A Crystal Quest clone for Macintosh

Post by Info-Mac » November 2nd, 2000, 11:00 am

Download: ... ris-22.hqx

Space Debris is a Crystal Quest style game for Macintosh. An update was
released today for the first time in over two years, bringing it to v2.2.

¥ Space Debris is now nearly five years old. The shareware fee, originally
$25.00, no longer seems appropriate, and for that reason, I have cut the
price to just $10.00 as of this release. Special thanks to all those who
paid for Space Debris at the original price.
¥ The Control Strip is now hidden during play (PowerMacs only).
¥ Fixed a cosmetic glitch that occurred during loading on some systems.
¥ Updated the web and e-mail addresses in the program.
¥ Added a speed throttle to the monitor fade in/out so that it doesn't occur
instantly on PowerMac G4s.
¥ Rewrote the preferences handling code. The format has been changed,
unfortunately, so you will need to re-enter your old registration code if
you are upgrading from a previous release.
¥ Corrected a bug that caused some of the enemies on later levels to jump
alarmingly under certain situations.
¥ Added a display of how many games you've played to the about box.
¥ Appearance Alert dialog boxes are now movable.
¥ Probably other minor things I can't remember.

The official web page is here:


Richard Bannisterrds,
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