Music Space Invaders 3.0 (OSX) r2

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Music Space Invaders 3.0 (OSX) r2

Post by Info-Mac » March 1st, 2004, 11:00 am

Download: ... r2-osx.hqx

Music Space Invaders 3.0 (OSX) r2 02/29/04
(c) 2004 By David Bagno


Music Space Invaders 3.0 is a complete remake of it's earlier versions
engineered from the bottom up for Apple's New OSX. The interface is
beautiful and its packed with functionality. It will help those who wish
to learn music faster then they dreamed possible. It is the quickest
path towards learning music literacy. It encompasses and enormous range
of use. It will help the beginner and push the advanced. The bottom line
is you will be able to sight read music like the pros.


This is a Macintosh OSX version only. There are earlier versions of
Musical Space Invaders available for PCs and Macintosh OS9. To use this
program with an external midi keyboard you will need a midi keyboard
with a USB connection. Make sure your midi keyboard and drivers are
properly installed.


Double click on Musical Space Invaders 3.0 (OSX) zip file and extract it
to your hard drive. This will happen automatically after downloading the
program with Safari. The program must live in the Musical Space Invaders
3.0 folder but you can drag the program icon to the Doc Bar making a
short cut. Double click on the program icon when you are ready to start.
This is a trial version of the program. It will expire 30 days after you
first launch it. It is fully functioning no features have been disabled.
This is the only copy you will need. The unlocking code will activate or
reactivate the program once it has expired.

How To Use This Program

Musical Space Invaders is an extremely versatile program. It will
benefit all ages and levels. Even accomplish pianist will improve their
sight-reading skills. The secret to Musical Space Invader`s power is
rooted in its ability to be customized for all levels. It also has the
benefit of being programmed by a professional pianist and composer. If
it is used properly, the note reading facility attained only after years
of piano lessons can be compressed into a few months. Take greater
control of your musical destiny. Though this program is primarily geared
toward those learning the piano it can be used by anyone interested in
learning to read music.
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