speed-demon-122.sit.hqx - 3D car racing

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speed-demon-122.sit.hqx - 3D car racing

Post by Info-Mac » August 20th, 1999, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/game/arc/sp ... on-122.hqx

Cerberus Development announces Speed Demon version 1.2.2, a shareware car
racing sim with carnage for the Power Macintosh.

Speed Demon features a polygon-based texture mapped 3D engine, single
player or network play with up to five players over TCP/IP or Appletalk, a
track mode across the US or a demolition derby mode, and weapons! Use
whatever means are necessary to complete your track in time or to eliminate
your opponents using machine guns, missile launchers, oil shooters,
phasers, and other surprises.

Speed Demon also features an original stereo musical score, 3D positional
sound effects, and support of the Thrustmaster T2 steering wheel and
pedals, all CH Products and JoyManager devices, and the Thrustmaster FCS
and WCS.

Check out screenshots and get more info from our web page at

A Power Macintosh with 16MB of free RAM is required, and Open Transport 1.1
(included with System 7.5.3 and up) is required for network games.

-Frank Kane
Cerberus Development
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