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Spiked v2.1

Post by Info-Mac » August 20th, 1999, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/game/arc/spiked-21.hqx

Spiked 2.1 is an update to the game Spiked 2.0.

Spiked is a fast-paced two-player arcade game of skill and cunning. Each
player pilots a ship. A big, nasty spike floats about the screen. Anything
that touches this spike dies a horrible death. To win, you must knock the
other player into the spike.

Spiked follows the laws of physics. Objects collide and bounce off each
other. While the players cannot directly harm each other, they may ram each
other into the spike. Other objects include rocks, which float around
getting in everyone's way, and gifts.

Gifts make Spiked interesting. When a player picks up a gift, he/she
obtains the item inside the gift. These items include new lives, speeders
which let you escape dangerous situations, and weapons such as cannonballs,
twisters which tie up the other player, gravitrons which pull objects
towards the player firing the gravitron, and projectiles which turn rocks
into spikes. A crafty player can use several items in sequence to trap and
destroy their opponent.

Spiked requires at least 3.5 Mb RAM, a 68030 or better processor, and a 14"
or larger color monitor. Spiked features 3-d rendered graphics.

Spiked 2.1 is an update from Spiked 2.0. This update fixes two major bugs
(once in a while, the game would up and quit, or freeze between matches).
The game can now be played in 256, thousands, or millions of colors. There
are new graphics, snappier event processing, and the new rockyspiker item.
Overall, the game is more stable.

Spiked is freeware. Give it to your friends and enemies, and let me know
what you think of it!

Chuck Groom, Sept. 1997
[email protected]
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