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Post by Info-Mac » August 20th, 1999, 9:00 am


Well folks MagicHat Shareware has done it again. WHAT A GREAT GAME
!! You're a 24th century Bounty Hunter doing your part to clean up the
galaxy. As you roam through the outer reaches of the Federation Space
Sectors your ship's computer suddenly comes alive with a message of
gravity detected. You quickly set the computer's recognition circuits to
identify the unknown craft. Friend or foe, THAT is the question. You arm
your lasers or load a photon missle into the chute. You wait nervously
with your finger on the trigger as the star-like spec gets closer. Then in
comes the message from the computer, it's a Viper ! The hardest of all
alien ships to destroy. The Viper comes within range firing it's own
lasers. You quickly launch 2 missles, both direct hits. It fades out of
range and then comes back for more, again firing it's own deadly blasts.
You hammer at it with your own laser nails and then smile as it changes to
a cloud of space debris. You relax and command the computer to give you a
damage report. You took some heavy hits it appears. You set co-ordinates
for home base and engage the hyperdrive. The stars turn to searing white
lines as you head for home at a speed Einstein would have said was
impossible. You land at your home port and collect your bounty on the
slime your ship's computer recorded as now being cosmic dust. Next you
stop by the Federation garage and have your ship repaired. You have a
large amount of pocket change and so elect to have that new Plasma Laser
Gun installed as well as bump up the power of your shields. You find you
still have money left over, so what the heck. You stop by the local resort,
gamble a few bucks, then stop by and see the stripper do her thing
......ahhhh life is good.

Shareware $10.00 -- Register Early !!
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