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This file is a 2009 update to the small, stand alone game of the popular version of peg solitaire, I made in 2002.

It works well on any new world mac, and this version contains a Mac OS 9 build. It requires Carbonlib 1.6. has been tested on OS 9 and will work on Carbon versions of OS X.

When I wrote this game, I had the imac balls, in mind. The object of the game is to clear the balls, from the board, leaving only one ball in the
centre socket. There are many combinations, to achive this.

The 2009 archive file contains full and updated versions of both the original China version and the English version.

Major changes to the product include:

Chineese update brought to English standard
Chineese instructions (I think, I hope the automated
translation was good)
Footballs have been replaced by Apples,
There is better mouse handling of balls,
A timer records the best time. (Only when you win.)
You may select from any colour of ball, and background.
Also included in this archive is the source script, and
resource files for metal.
Better ball selection with mouse.

The product is now Open source, for Apple Computers only, and Freeware.
No further registerations required, see enclosed documentation for further information.
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