Romi 4.0

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Romi 4.0

Post by Info-Mac » April 8th, 2004, 9:00 am


Romi version 4.0 for MacOS X

Romi lets you play Rummy Tile, RummyCube, RummiKub, Rami games against
the computer at 3 different levels.

What's new in Romi version 4.0 ?

1) Romi has new shortcuts to form groups of cards on the board by
double-clicking sequentially on each card from your rack or from the

2) Some graphical modifications have been made to the game.

Romi 4.0 only work on MacOS X, it is localized for english, french,
spanish, german, dutch and italian languages. You can see the localized
documentation in the Help menu of Romi.

For an earlier version that work on MacOS 8/9/Classic visit the Romi
home page

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