UNO version 2.1.2

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UNO version 2.1.2

Post by Info-Mac » January 12th, 2003, 11:00 am


UNO is a game for two or more players in which the object is to get rid of
all your cards before your opponent does. If you are the first player to go
out, you are awarded the point values of all the cards still held by other
players. The first player to reach a certain number of points (usually 500)

UNO uses a special deck of 108 cards that features number cards (0 through
9) and word cards. Word cards cause special actions when played (such as
reversing the direction of play or causing an opponent to pick up cards and
lose a turn). Each card in the deck belongs to one of four colors: Red,
Green, Blue, and Yellow (colors are analogous to suits in a standard deck of
cards) - except for wild cards, which have no specific color. A legal play
essentially involves matching the color, number, or word of the previously
played card.

UNO features:
* 2-4 player action (play against 1-3 computer opponents)
* a variety of options to tailor game play and appearance
* save/load game capability
* on-line help, including detailed description of the rules of play
* tracking of your win percentage

Changes in version 2.1.2:
Enhancements for improved performance.

Changes in version 2.1.1:
On the Mac OS X platform, Options are now accessed via the
Preferences menu item in the Application menu.
Fixed a bug where, under certain conditions, the first
player in a new game would incorrectly lose a turn.
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