Archer 1.0.3

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Archer 1.0.3

Post by Info-Mac » October 18th, 2001, 9:00 am


Eridanus today released Archer 1.0.3. This release adds a Show Info option which, when activated, displays image information in the upper left-hand corner of the image. And, by popular demand, an indicator light has been added which flashes on and off while scanning for images. As always, Archer is completely free.

Archer is a small, fast slide show player that supports audio and video as well as still images. Archer supports multiple players running at the same time each with their own set of images, speed setting, and size. You can also append images to the slide show. When not in full-screen mode, a scroll bar is available to navigate through the images.

Dispensing with many of the Command, Control, and Option key combinations and implementing a simpler hit-a-key-make-something-happen approach Archer makes activities like creating new players and and importing images, for example, as easy as hitting the “N” and the “I” keys. Of course, all the menus and standard shortcuts are also available.

Archer can be downloaded from the Eridanus web site:

Eridanus, Inc. has provided consulting services for government agencies, small companies, and large corporations for over a decade.
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