Picture-in-Picture X 1.0.5 - Floating Movie Player

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Picture-in-Picture X 1.0.5 - Floating Movie Player

Post by Info-Mac » January 3rd, 2002, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/gst/picture ... -x-105.hqx

Picture-in-Picture X 1.0.5
(c) Copyright 2001 Feelorium Limited, All Rights Reserved.
[email protected]

Picture-in-Picture X is an QuickTime movie player and web cam viewer.


- Always-on-top window
Watch your favorite movies and web cam images while you work

- Easy-to-use
Use Finder to organize playlists, then drag and drop them onto
Picture-in-Picture X

- QTV channels
Handy to watch QTV streaming movies

- Preserving screen real estate
Automatically hides controls when you switch to other applications

- Dock menu
Control Picture-in-Picture X easily

- Creating Movie Link File
Movie Link File is an QuickTime file that contains only an URL pointing
to a web resource, such as a web cam image.

Localized Languages

- English

- Traditional Chinese

System Requirements

- Mac OS X 10.1
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