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Convert Celtic (Welsh) TrueType Fonts

Posted: July 23rd, 1998, 9:00 am
by Info-Mac
Download: ... nts-14.hqx

This documentation describes in detail how to convert Unicode
TrueType fonts from MS Windows to MacOS Celtic.
The Windows fonts are freely available from Microsoft.
Macintosh Celtic fonts include the letters 'w' and 'y' with
various accents (´ ` ^ ¨) in addition to the regular West European

With the procedure of version 1.3 you might have had conflicts
when using the original font (e.g. Arial) together with the
modified font (e.g. Arial Celtic).
Version 1.4 explains how to fix this.
Moreover, QuickDraw GX is no longer required.

This file may be included on the Info-Mac CD-ROM.