The Macintosh/Newton Easter Egg List

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The Macintosh/Newton Easter Egg List

Post by Info-Mac » June 8th, 2002, 9:00 am

Download: ... jungle.hqx

This is a Filemaker database about the first Apple Computers.
Starting with the Apple I it contains informations up to the first
generation G3 machines from 1998
You see a picture of each Mac and a complete technical description.
Power Books are included, starting with the Mac Portable from «89 to the G3
powerbook from «98
Workgroupserver and some early Performa models are not in the database.
There are 109 models in the database.

Freeware, enjoy!

e-mail any comments to [email protected]

1998-2002 / Paul Gronemeyer

The file may be included on all CD Roms as long as the original folder is


I have been remiss about my promise to summarize to the list.

Back on 17 Feb, I said:

>A friend of mine has a relative who suffers from ALS and he is interested in
>any support groups/information that might be available here/on the net.
>He is also interested in adapting technology to help when various bodily
>systems start to fail. Is there any information on use of Macs for
>quadriplegics and the like?

I have chosen some of the replies as representative and edited those for
length. Any errors should be considered mine.

.__________________________________________________. | Contents |
| | |================|
| The Macintosh/Newton Easter Egg List | . | Hardware |
| compiled by Brian Kendig ([email protected]) | . | System |
| ____ | . | Other software |
| Easter 1994 edition. | OK | | . | Useful tips . |
| `----' | . `-------------|\-'
`--------------------------------------------------' . |_\
................................................. (c)1994 bsk \

Welcome to the Macintosh/Newton Easter Egg List! An "easter egg"
(sometimes known as a "cookie") is something amusing or otherwise
nonproductive (like a picture, a song, or the developers' names) hidden
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