Renote Access (Summary)

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Renote Access (Summary)

Post by Info-Mac » April 8th, 2003, 9:00 am

Download: ... live-6.hqx

Thanks to all of those who responded to my inquiry regarding remote access.
Special thanks to Alan Hewat, Bruce Goldstein, Matthew Ahrens, Subbarayudu
Darisipudi and Dennis D. Davison.

The results are summarized below.

>Is there an A/B switching device available that will automatically switch
>to the modem for incoming calls or is there another solution to the A/B
>situation (short of always having to switch back and forth each day)?

Mixed reviews here. Some suggested manual switching (which I wanted to
avoid). There are auto-switching devices, but no on responding had
experience with them.

>Is it best to purchase a modem capable of booting the system or should I
>leave my system on and just turn off the monitor (or leave the monitor on,
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