Apple IP Gateway Info (A)

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Apple IP Gateway Info (A)

Post by Info-Mac » May 22nd, 1997, 9:00 am

Download: ... mes-43.hqx

This is the May Ambrosia Times, Volume 4, Issue 3.

Ambrosia Software, Inc. publishes an electronic newsletter, entitled The
Ambrosia Times, every other month. The 'Times is an interactive
electronic newsletter that is meant to serve as an informal method of
getting the word out about what Ambrosia is up to as a company. By
browsing past and present issues of this newsletter, you'll obtain a
wealth of information about our products, from previews of upcoming
products to hints and tips about how to use our software effectively.

In the May 1997 issue of The Ambrosia Times, you will find:

- A sneak peak at Ambrosia's next game. - An interview with Ambrosia's
own Superheros. - A report on the fate of Ambrosia's AOL Forum. -
Detailed updates on several products, and more...

Download this free newsletter to find out more about Ambrosia's
shareware and the people behind it.

The Ambrosia Times is being distributed electronically free of charge on
a bi-monthly basis. If you want The Ambrosia Times sent to your
electronic mailbox at no charge every other month, please sign up on the
at_list mailing list at

The following should answer your questions about the Apple IP Gateway. The
following is taken from the Apple IP Gateway Press Release.

The Apple IP Gateway builds on Apple's recent announcement to include MacTCP=
its System 7.5 operating system. MacTCP client software allows Macintosh=AE
computers on IP networks to communicate using TCP/IP protocols. With the App=
IP Gateway, the MacTCP client can now be used on Macintosh computers connect=
to an AppleTalk network. The Gateway acts as a translator between AppleTalk =
TCP/IP network protocols, allowing Macintosh computers on AppleTalk networks=
access IP services as if they were on the IP network.
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