Codebook 3.0 released!!

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Codebook 3.0 released!!

Post by Info-Mac » February 6th, 1998, 11:00 am

Download: ... feb-98.hqx

The Codebook-team announces the release of version 3.0 of the Codebook!

After about one year in development, and more than half a year since the
last version arrived, the Codebook-team has now created the ultimate
Macintosh cheat collection, ever! This time it´s made as a selfstanding
program, which makes it much more user-friendly than the Docmaker versions.
He have also added tons of new game cheats, hacks, Easter eggs and more.
The Codebook 3.0 is now shareware, and costs 5$ to register. When you
register you get rid of an annoying dialogbox, as well as you get
subscribed to the Codebook newsletter, with news, links and more neat stuff.

The codebook 3.0 will be updated a few times a year, and each time
mentioned with the release date after the name of the stuffed archive; i.e.
Codebook_3.0_Feb98.sit. If you have any question that cannot be answered by
downloading the Codebook application, feel free to ask, and please spread
the word around; The codebook 3.0 is finally here!!
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