ac First Aid Bible-14.hqx

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ac First Aid Bible-14.hqx

Post by Info-Mac » March 10th, 1998, 11:00 am

Download: ... -bible.hqx

The Mac First Aid Bible is the FIRST stand-alone troubleshooting guide that
offers much more than just information. The following topics are covered: PRAM, system crashes, System Enablers and SCSI. More topics will be added soon. With The Mac First Aid Bible you can also access directly the web-site of all the mentioned shareware (if it has an own web-page!).

In the UNREGISTERED version only the topics 'PRAM' and 'System Enablers' can be accessed and also the 'Go to web-site' buttons are not functioning.
It's worth registering!!! Check it out!!!

It also offers FREE technical support by email for REGISTERED USERS and each REGISTERED user will also receive a full package which include your personalized 'The Mac First Aid Bible' and a whole bunch of troubleshooting shareware.

This version 1.4 replaces the previous file bible-11.hqx which seems to be corrupt.
You can also download it directly from:

Thanks for downloading and registering.

Guido Cautreels
Author of The Mac First Aid Bible
Keeps your Mac happy!!!
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