MacKitty(tm) V1.0

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MacKitty(tm) V1.0

Post by Info-Mac » April 21st, 1997, 9:00 am

Download: ... emo-10.hqx

Enclosed is a demo version of MacKitty(tm), a pedigree database
management program for cat breeders. The demo version is only different
from the regular version in that you cannot save your changes. The demo
comes with the program itself, a sample data file, the user manual, the
demo license agreement, and an order form for the full program.

The program requires System 7.x and comes as a FAT version optimized for
both 68K and PPC architectures.

Below is a short excerpt from the manual introduction:

MacKitty is a Macintosh program for the serious breeder of pedigreed
cats. It is a program primarily for the maintenance of pedigree
information on all of the cats in a cattery. Some of the information in
the database includes name, awards, common name, breed, color,
registration number, date of birth, and sire's and dam's names. An
unlimited number of cats may be entered into the database limited only
by the available memory in your computer. This program uses many of the
Mac user interface features that Mac users have come to love and
expect... Complete 3 and 5 generation pedigrees may be generated and
displayed to the screen and/or printed.

For additional information contact Alan Rakes at [email protected]

Alan A. Rakes email: [email protected]
President, AARCon Research phone: 770-962-3702 P.O. Box
464784 Lawrenceville, GA 30246
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