[*] MIDI software for the Mac - Report

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[*] MIDI software for the Mac - Report

Post by Info-Mac » May 1st, 1999, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/info/sft/macsoft-index.hqx

MacSoftIndex is NOT an application but a Text File containing a
tab-delimited Database (meaning that each line is a record and this
record is divided by tabs into fields - a format readily importable into
a good number of commonly used applications) which contains information
on thousands of programs for Macintosh computers. These programs are
mainly available as Shareware/Freeware but there is also some less well
known commercial software. Well-known commercial software is not
represented in this version and neither is standard system software as
you already have it!

Apart from general information such as what kind of software it is
(control panel, stack, application, etc), size, dates, and so forth,
there is usually a description of what it does and a reference to what
realm of operation (system, text, image, sound, etc) together with a
subclass of this reference (conversion, print, catalogue, etc), thus
providing many possibilities of selection.

How could you possibly not have the only product which lists from A to
Z nearly all the software there is for the Mac?
Download the shareware sample now and try it!

This is a text file explaining why a rational person (well, most of the
time) with heavy-duty word processing needs finally abandoned Microsoft
Word and embraced MacWrite Pro--and why that same person feels that he
has made a step UP. If you are curious about MacWrite Pro, you may find
this text document helpful. This is in some ways an update of the
comparison of Word and MacWrite Pro that I posted in the Archives a year
ago, when I was still somewhat ambivalent about MacWrite Pro.

Will Porter / University of Houston

---- Cut here: what follows is for the Archives, not the Digest -----

What follows is a long e-letter I wrote on April 25, 1994, to my
friend Paul in Boston, who knows that a couple of months I gave up
on Microsoft Word and began to use MacWrite Pro as my primary word
processor--indeed, as virtually my only word processor. Paul knows


This file contains code that is missing or in error in the book. If you find
other errors in the book (other than typos), please EMAIL me what needs
to be corrected to one of the following adresses:

CompuServe: 76556, 1132
Internet: [email protected] (Rich Parker)

or have other errors that this document addresses. Please make the following
corrections or additions to your code.


CHAPTER 3: Managing the Document's Data

On Wednesday, 23 Feb 94 I asked for advice on MEDLINE systems on CD-ROM:
> We want to buy MEDLINE on a CD-Rom (medical reference database). I am
> aware of "SilverPlatter" (we are using it on a PC in the campus library)
> and "Knowledge Finder".
> 1. Which other MEDLINE systems are available?
> 2. Are there comparative reviews?
> 3. Please send your personal experiences!

I want to thank [email protected] (Song Tan), WJST%GSF.DE (Matthias
Wyst), [email protected] (Jerry Di Salvo), [email protected] (Maurice
Deutsch), [email protected] (Paul Gorman), [email protected] (Aldo J
Caputo), and [email protected] (Sridar Narayanan) for their comments.

This document (perhaps most useful for those about to fritter
away their hard-earned paychecks for MIDI software on the
Macintosh :~), provides a short description of some of the
more common commercial MIDI software available for the Mac.
The reviews are organized in this document under three
extended categories:

1. Sequencers and Notation Editors
2. Music Training, Algorithmic Composition and Accompaniment
3. MIDI Control

Cheers- Shekhar Govind [email protected]

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MIDI Software for the Mac
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