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Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/info/sft/so ... ker-21.hqx

Software Tracker is a FileMaker Pro 3.x or better solution for keeping
information about software licenses and installations within your

Listing of Speech Manager/MacInTalk Pro/PlainTalk Aware Applications


Key Words: Speech Manager MacInTalk PlainTalk Gala Tea text to speech TTS
(Display in small monofont, e.g., 9pt Courier)

Note: The Feb '94 Apple Developer CD has MacinTalkPro 2, but Apple
has not updated their ftp site as of 24 March '94.

Here are some of the Speech Manager aware text-to-speech (TTS)
applications that I know of (there are more on the Apple Developer
CD-ROMs). If I've missed some, please feel free to add to the list
and also let me know if you disagree with my "Comments." You'll
probably need to increase the memory allocations of Speech Manager
aware applications if you want to use the high quality voices (I

IMPORTANT: We are in the process of updating all our Speed Doubler
customers to version 1.1. We have discovered a problem in the Speed Access
extension of Speed Doubler 1.0.x, that can in certain, uncommon
circumstances, damage disk directory information. Although the problem is
unlikely to occur, we recommend all Speed Doubler users update to version
1.1, which does not have this problem. This improved version incorporates a
number of performance and compatibility enhancements including a solution
to the directory information issue. If you are a Speed Doubler registered
user, a 1.1 floppy is being mailed to you. If you have access to an online
service the 1.1 updater is currently posted.

Q/ How do I get Speed Doubler 1.1?
A/ If you are a Speed Doubler registered user, a 1.1 floppy is being mailed
to you. If you have access to an online service you can download the 1.1
updater immediately from the following online locations:

World Wide Web - http://www.connectix.com

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id ; Wed, 22 Sep 1993 12:41:42

A friend of mine sent me this little piece. Enjoy.

>"Star Trek Lost Episodes" transcript.
> "Mr. LaForge, have you had any success with your
>attempts at finding a weakness with the Borg? And Mr. Data,
>have you been able to access their command pathways?"
> "Yes, Captain. In fact, we found the answer by
>searching through our archives on late twentieth-century
>computing technology."
> "What the hell is 'Microsoft'?"

================= F A Q on S-COM follows ==========================

Symbolic Composer FAQ - version 1.1

Last updated: Jun 2, 1994

Hi! I'm Fokke de Boer and running the Lodge, a non-profit network of
algorithmic composers using S-COM. A lot of people have
been asking me what Symbolic Composer is. So, I made up a sort of FAQ.

What is Symbolic Composer?

Symbolic Composer is a lisp-based modular music language for scoring
music of any style and complexity. It enables you to write music in a
very high-level language, and use this composition model to produce
MIDI files. There are no limitations concerning music style and


This submission is a compilation report on the speed of the Mac OS System
version 7.1 versus System version 7.0.1 on various Mac models.

The motivation for this report was the many rumours going around about a
performance decline in SANE performance on some machines. Since changes in
performance of the System has a direct effect on users' productivity, I
thought it would be useful to compile actual tests so that people could refer
to actual facts when making the decision on whether to upgrade to Sys7.1 or

The tests used are the suite of benchmarks performed by the program
info-mac/util/speedometer_31.hqx. These benchmarks are only valid for
comparison purposes between mac models and should not be used to compare to
other platforms. Also, when looking at ANY benchmarks, you should always keep
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