A real-life use of MacGzip for Mac users!

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A real-life use of MacGzip for Mac users!

Post by Info-Mac » April 30th, 1997, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/info/sft/wa ... 2-demo.hqx

Enclosed is the Working Watermarker 1.0.12 Demo. (Please check our web
page at http://www.working.com to see if this is the latest version.)

Working Watermarker allows you to place a "watermark" graphic such as
"Confidential", "Draft" or a company logo behind anything you print.
The stamp may be light gray or it may be full darkness for use as a

This demo comes with a single watermark. The real product comes with
several dozen example watermarks, and allows you to create your own from
PICT or EPS graphics.

To install the demo: * Drop it into your System Folder. System 7 will
then place it in the Extensions folder. * Restart your Macintosh.

The next time you print you will see Working Watermarker's controls,
including a popup menu at the bottom of your print dialog. Select "Demo
Watermark" from the menu, then press the Print button. The message
"This Document Created Using Working Watermarker" will appear under your

To purchase Working Watermarker, contact:

Working Software, Inc. PO Box 1844 Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1844 (800)
229-9675 (408) 423-5696 (408) 423-5699 FAX

http://www.working.com [email protected] America Online: WorkingSW

What is gzip? What is .gz? is asked on a regular basis in the Mac newsgroups.
Attached is an information file I wrote, answering these questions. Although
this file is now part of the MacGzip distribution, first the Mac user
has to know that he or she needs MacGzip.

I hope that uploading this file into the information directories will go
some way towards addressing that.

-- L.
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