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Baker 1.5.3

Post by Info-Mac » February 28th, 2002, 11:00 am


Eridanus today released Baker 1.5.3.
contact: [email protected]

Among the enhancements in this release of the OS X utility designed to
ease common newsgroup related activities are:

A bug that caused files to become corrupted under certain conditions has
been fixed. If you had re-defined the default folders in the Baker
Preferences window or if you had a newsgroup being downloaded to a
user-defined folder, Baker would eventually corrupt files. This no
longer happens: the files are saved normally.

Also fixed several minor bugs that caused overview and article queues to
be left behind when a newsgroup was deleted.

In addition a bug that prevented the creation of filters based on Cross
Post information has finally been removed.

Baker is now much faster than earlier releases.

Baker now provides an easy and convenient way to share your pictures
with others in the newsgroup community. Simply select a newsgroup and
select Post Some Pictures from the News Group Commands menu. Baker will
open a Post Pictures window where you can select the pictures you want
to post from a gallery of thumbnails.

Baker now includes an Identity Preference. This lets you store email
address information that you use when posting pictures. If you want
correspondence from the various newsgroups to which you have subscribed
to be delivered to different email addresses, then the Identity
Preference will do the job. When you are ready to post some pictures,
simply select the appropriate Identity for the newsgroup and your email
information will be automatically filled in for you.

Baker 1.5.3 is a free upgrade to current owners.

Unregistered versions of the $30 program are fully functional but will
occasionally display reminders to register.

Baker and the Baker MacOS Help Center Book can be downloaded from the
Eridanus web site:
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