BulletProof FTP for Mac

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BulletProof FTP for Mac

Post by Info-Mac » May 23rd, 2004, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/inet/bpftp-x.hqx

BulletProof FTP Macintosh Features


Everything about BPFTP Client Mac is fast! Fast startup, fast connections
using Quick Connect, fast site access using the Site Manager address book
and fast drag 'n drop transfers.


BPFTP Client Mac has features of it's long famous sibling, BPFTP Client for
Windows; automatic and manual resume of interrupted transfers, support for
different types of FTP servers, progress tracking and log reporting are just
a few of its powerful features.


Ease-of-use is what made BPFTP for Windows famous. BPFTP Client Mac was
created with the same easy-to-use goal in mind, by carefully adhering to
Macintosh AquaR Interface and usability guidelines.

Having reviewed Info-Mac.com, we would like the opportunity to feature our
software on your website. We have enclosed a copy of our OS X optimized
(trial) version for your review.

Additional information about BulletProof FTP Client for Mac can be found at
our website: www.bpftpmac.com.
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