Hermes X 1.0 - Usenet batch autoposter for Thoth

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Hermes X 1.0 - Usenet batch autoposter for Thoth

Post by Info-Mac » March 13th, 2002, 11:00 am


Welcome Hermes, a premium batch processor for posting binaries on
Usenet. Based on AppleScript, it leverages the power of Thoth to fully
automate this process. You supply the parameters and it does the work.
This frees up your valuable time, all while providing greater protection
from mistakes than when posting manually.

Hermes is fully featured but simple to use. Posting with Hermes is as
easy as posting directly with Thoth, but offers far greater control and
flexibility. For example, Hermes willŠ

* Encrypt message with ROT-13
* Add random text to subject or message
* Sort attachments in natural order
* Post using pseudonyms
* Set posting preferences while on-the-fly
* Work with multiple copies of Thoth
* Help manage the transfer Queue for Thoth
* And more

Hermes is shareware costing USD 10.00. The applet is fully functional
and comes complete with documentation.

Minimal Requirements
Mac OS X 10.1.2
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