NetFinder for OS X 2.3.3J - Japanese Version

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NetFinder for OS X 2.3.3J - Japanese Version

Post by Info-Mac » December 1st, 2003, 11:00 am

Download: ... 233-jp.hqx

This is the Japanese version of the NetFinder package.

This package is for Mac OS X only, a package for classic is also available.

MacWorld - Aug 2000 Review - 4 1/5 mice.
MacUser - 1997 Best Shareware - Best Internet Face-Lift.
Tucows - 5 cow rating.
MacDownload - 5 mice.
MacWelt (German MacWorld) - 5 mice.
FileDudes - 5 dude rating & Dude Approved!

If you can use the Finder you can use NetFinder.

NetFinder has an interface like the Finder which supports FTP, HTTP and
FILE (browsing of local hard disk - alternative OSX disk browser)
protocols. It support various Firewalls / Proxies (including SOCKS and
OTP), secure storage of passwords using Apple's Keychain Manager,
support for SSL FTP, ICI Script, previewing of Movies, MP3's and even
Shockwave files, integration with BBEdit. NetFinder is also carbonized
for native execution under OSX. It also supports the mouse wheel under

What's new in this version:

* fixed compatibility issues with OSX 10.3
* fixed copy from Transcript Window bug.
* ftping to port 990 with OpenSSLLib installed will establish an SSL connection (implicit ftps).
* plus a number of other GUI tweeks.
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