NetFinder X 2.3.3

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NetFinder X 2.3.3

Post by Info-Mac » December 9th, 2003, 11:00 am


v2.3.3 is a minor update which improves compatibility with OSX 10.3 and
include a few bug fixes.

This package is for OSX only, the pre-OSX package is a separate file.

The most Finder-like FTP client for the MacOS has just got better.

NetFinder was the first FTP client to use the Finder hierarchy listing
paradigm. With an intuitive user interface that everyone is familiar
with, users can begin to use this program in no time at all.

NetFinder v1.x started the FTP client war, by being the first FTP client to:
- support resume downloading after you quit or crash.
- add drag and drop support for all operations including moving files from
one folder to another, server to server coping as well as the standard
uploading, downloading and trashing...
- inline filename editing, just like the Finder.
- integrated BBEdit support for transparent file editing.
- support for setting permissions on files and folders (even recursively).

The Finder-like listing window supports viewing by name, date, size, and
permissions. Other features include automatic binhex, macbinary and text
translation for uploads and downloads. Supports many ftp servers.
Has speech support. Internet Config savvy. Supports bookmark lists.

NetFinder 2.x included:

* Full MacOS 8.x appearance, including Contextual Menus and Navigation
* Support for HTTP protocol. Allowing users to browse lists of files on
sites that do not support FTP. (Also supports HTTP proxies and proxies
that require authentication)
* Support for downloading and resume downloading of files using HTTP.
* Added and improved various security protocols used with FTP including:
- One Time Passwords (Clear Text, Challenge and s/key)
- Support for FTP proxies that require authentication.
- Improved SOCKS support. Even works with MS Proxy 2.0.
* Support for Queued Downloads.
* Vastly improved directory caching, so its just like your web browser.
* URL/Hostname auto-completion. Saves you typing in a complete hostname.
* MacBinary III support.
* Support for Apple's KeyChain Manager, for secure password storage.
* View Graphic window, view remote files with a click of a button.

NetFinder requires System 7.6 or higher, Open Transport, and is US$35 shareware.
Upgrades for v1.x user are US$15. Student price is still US$15. Student
upgrades from v1.x are FREE.
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