Pitbull Pro v2.3.0 PPC (Advanced Hotline Client)

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Pitbull Pro v2.3.0 PPC (Advanced Hotline Client)

Post by Info-Mac » January 2nd, 2002, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/inet/pitbul ... 30-ppc.hqx

License: Shareware (Fully functional 30 day trial)
Price: $11 (US)
Email: [email protected]
Web Site: www.hotline-tools.com
Requirements: OSX

Pitbull Pro is a complete, powerful client for the Hotline protocol.
Pitbull Pro combines the functionality of the regular Hotline Client with
advanced administration features and the power of Pitbull, allowing it to
automatically recover from virtually any connection problem that can
occur without user interference.

Like the proverbial "pitbull", once Pitbull Pro puts its "teeth" into the
connection, it will not stop until the job at hand is done or until you
call it off.

New in 2.3.0

* Added a file search feature.
* Support for inline viewing of movies.
* Added an "AWAY" option.
* Sent messages are now saved in the "sent messages" list in the private
message pane.
* Implemented a boolean search for the server list.
* Added (first generation) bookmark window for easy access.
* It's now possible to switch on the fly between partial downloads
* Disable auto-reconnect is now a server specific setting.
* Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented uploads from completing.
* Fixed a bug in retrieving trackers from tracker-tracker.com when using
a web proxy.
* Files can be sorted by size again.
...and much more.
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