Maigret 1.0b2

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Maigret 1.0b2

Post by Info-Mac » June 30th, 2004, 9:00 am


Maigret is a plugin-based application that allows for rapid searches.
The actual release comes Mail Search: a plugin that allows you to
search the contents of any e-mail stored in the commonly-used canonical
mbox format.

Automatically, Mail Search manages the mailboxes of the most widely
used e-mails applications, like Mail, Eudora and Mozilla.
Mail Search is very simple to use, open the application, type the word
to search for and click on the search button. That's it!

If you use another e-mail application that does not handle e-mail
directly in the mbox format, you must export them in the right format
first and then add them in the list to search.

Mail Search also allows you to search using regular expressions

What's new
First public release.

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