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" header, and the URL of it in the body. All you need to do

Posted: December 3rd, 2001, 11:00 am
by Info-Mac

"MailURL" offers a quick and easy way to tell a friend (or enemy ;))
about the page you're currently watching in your web browser (works
with iCab, Opera, Internet Explorer, or Netscape's
Navigator/Communicator). It creates a new message in Eudora, Claris
Emailer or Outlook Express, placing the title of the page in the
then is fill in the "To: " header and queue it.

What's new:
- Added support for Outlook Express
- Minor workaround to avoid conflict with Satimage OSAX

System Requirements:
- AppleScript
- OSA Menu and/or FinderPop and/or OtherMenu
- Eudora, Claris Emailer or Outlook Express
- iCab and/or Opera and/or Internet Explorer and/or Navigator/Communicator
- Works under Mac OS 7.0 through 9.x

MailURL is freeware. Do with it whatever you like, except sell it or
present it as yours!--
Sander Tekelenburg