POPThing 1.6

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POPThing 1.6

Post by Info-Mac » July 4th, 2001, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/inet/mail/pop-thing-16.hqx

POPThing lets you browse through your mailbox. Basically, it lets you check
your mail without being forced to download every single message.

- Large messages are now buffered to disk
- POPThing now disconnects properly before closing connections on quit, some
users(1 user) reported problems
- A sound is played when no messages are found instead of a dialog
- Fixed a bug with the list view
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an empty message window to appear
- Fixed one of my spelling errors
- Fixed a MIME processing bug(POPThing had problems with really really long
forwards, like chain letters)
- Dates are now formatted in the official format
- Added Signatures
- The Favorites window isn't modal anymore
- "New Message" windows are now centered
- Relevant header fields are now shown at the top of messages
- Made some changes to the POP3 socket(POPThing screwed up a message, but I
couldn't get it to do it again, so I decided to fiddle around with the
socket anyway)
NOTE: POPThing does not support the AppleDouble & AppleSingle encodings

- Extended Trial Period to 30 launches
- Registered with Kagi
- ISO Text Encodings are now converted into ASCII(when available, OS8 and
- The Quoted-Printable format is now supported
- Added a Highlight URLs option(before POPThing did it without asking)
- Monaco is now used to display messages, rather than Mishawaka
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