PowerMail 4.2.1

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PowerMail 4.2.1

Post by Info-Mac » October 14th, 2003, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/inet/mail/p ... il-421.hqx

Designed as a robust and sustainable alternative to ordinary Macintosh e-
mail applications, PowerMail 4.2.1 is based on the PowerMail Engine(tm),
a robust foundation for cross-platform e-mail clients encompassing 10
years of mail and directory experience.

Benefits for users include:
- Ultra-fast searching of e-mail archives using FoxTrot(tm) technology
- Migration tools for importing message databases and address books
with groups from Claris Emailer, Eudora, Netscape, Outlook Express
4.5, AppleShare IP, Unix mailbox, Apple Mail, LDIF and more
- Ability to export and archive and messages and addresses in stan-
dard formats (Eudora, Netscape, Unix Mbox, LDIF, Apple Mail, tab text)
- Multi-language text display abilities based on Unicode (English,
Japanese, Swedish, French, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Thai and 55 other)
- Modern, responsive and Mac-like (OS X and OS 9) user-interface

PowerMail 4 is available immediately on-line as a 30 day demo version.
- Degressive licensing prices start at US$ 49 per seat
- Upgrades from PowerMail 4 are US$ 29

Try the PowerMail demo : http://www.ctmdev.com/download.shtml
More information on PM : http://www.ctmdev.com/powermail4.shtml
Buy PM (secure) from : https://www.ctmdev.com/sales.shtml
Upgrade from PM 2/3 to 4 : https://www.ctmdev.com/buy_pm3/start

What's new in PowerMail 4.2.1 (from 4.1.3):

* Entirely new CTM FoxTrot? high-speed search technology - much
more search flexibility with performance increases between
300% and 500%
* Increased responsiveness - now launches and draws large lists
even faster
* Enhanced filtering - now includes fast filtering by message
* Ability to search on cached IMAP information - brings
high-speed local searching functionality while connected to
IMAP servers
* Improved error handling and data recovery - recovering
therefore made easier.
* Over 10 other usability and reliability improvements, plus 8
other more 4.2 to 4.2.1
* Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) compatibility, while maintaining Mac
OS X 10.2.x, OS 9 and 8 as well
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