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SigQuote 1.0.1

Post by Info-Mac » July 13th, 2001, 9:00 am


SigQuote is a Hypercard stack that makes it easy to append a signature
(a 'sig') to your email messages. The feature that makes SigQuote unique
is that your sig can contain a different quote each time you use it. You
can use a random quote from the list, or you can select a specific
quote. With one mouse click, your sig is put on the clipboard for
pasting into an email message. Run SigQuote in the background when you
are composing email messages and have your sig available instantly!
Design your own sig, edit your own list of quotes.

Freeware. Copyright 2001 by Peter M. Brigham
[email protected]

Requires Hypercard 2.3+, System 7.0+
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