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Why VeggieMail?
I wrote VeggieMail to serve a need I had. I get a gazillion e-mails
every day. I hate nothing more than being forced to sit as my computer
connection, I have to wait as these completely unsolicited e-mails flood
into my inbox. I could set up a rule in my main e-mail client (Microsoft
Entourage X), but then I have to wait for its bloated self to load, and as
you might be able to tell by now, I'm impatient. Time spent waiting could be
time I'm earning money.
Therefore, I wanted an e-mail client that could:
* view my e-mails without downloading them
* delete the spam without opening it
* send a quick e-mail if I'm in a hurry so I don't have to load
* reply quickly to e-mails
VeggieMail was born. I'm largely happy with Entourage, so I didn't want
to reinvent the wheel -- VeggieMail is NOT a replacement for a full-featured
e-mail program. Instead, it's supposed to be a quick and dirty, bare-bones
e-mail client for when I'm in a rush.

Why the goofy name?
Well, mainly because I'm goofy. But here was my thought process: Since
this is a bare-bones product, and since "Bare Bones" has already been taken
as a software name, I tried to think of a way of communicating that there
was no meat on the bones of this software product. If there's no meat on
your plate, what are you left with? Veggies. Stop laughing. I know it's

What VeggieMail can do
As mentioned above, VeggieMail is intended to be quick, and not that
polished. As such, it can:
* check your e-mail box
* read e-mails (see "What VeggieMail CAN'T do" below)
* reply to e-mails
* delete e-mails
* send a quick e-mail
* save your e-mail account information so you don't have to enter it
every time you check your e-mails
* entertain you and your friends for hours (Fun at parties!)
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