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Post by Info-Mac » May 29th, 2003, 9:00 am

Download: ... 21-en2.hqx

File name : Bookmarksman2.1e-English Version


Size : 4200k(Stuffed)

This version is all-English including the OSX menu bar.

(A) New features

(1) Tab-Navigation
(2) Color schemes
(3) Independent pages for stashing images
(4) The package contains both "OSX version" and "Classic OS version"

(B) What "Bookmarksman" does:

Bookmarksman, a URL management database solution, helps keep track of web
browser bookmarks that tend to have the nasty habit of haphazardly
accumulating into something unmanageably humongous.

(1) Bookmarks can be coherently organized and utilized as a valuable source
of information
(2) The powerful Search feature makes it possible to retrieve relevant
bookmarks that are otherwise easily misplaced.
(3) Search results are displayed in list view.
(4) Duplicate URLs are easily extracted and deleted at a stroke.
(5) Bookmarks can be sorted in a number of ways.
(6) Drag/Drop-aware.
(7) You can attach notes to bookmarks, which will later be put to use as
keywords in the search mode.
(8) E-mail addresses as well as URLs can be stored.
(9) One click opens a web page or an e-mail sheet.
(10) The last-visited time/date for each bookmark is remembered and the
bookmarks can be viewed as history.
(11) You can "flag" your favorite bookmarks.

Author : Jiro Negishi

[email protected]
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