URL Manager Pro 3.1.1

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URL Manager Pro 3.1.1

Post by Info-Mac » January 26th, 2004, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/inet/web/ur ... ro-311.hqx

URL Manager Pro, the professional bookmark manager for the Macintosh
for use with Safari, Explorer, OmniWeb , Mozilla, Netscape, iCab,
and Camino gives users a more convenient way to manage bookmarks,
Email addresses and news groups.

URL Manager Pro 3.1 adds a global bookmarks menu in the upper right
corner of the menu bar in any application and the Finder on Mac OS X,
while URL Manager Pro is running and a bookmark file is open.
This is especially handy while using Safari.

Version 3.1 also adds standard Mac OS X features like a customizable
Toolbar, a standard Window Menu and Font Panel. This version
also adds Shared Menu capability to Safari, Mozilla and Netscape.

Thirdly, when you add a bookmark you can now specify the
bookmark file you want the bookmark be added to.

Its main features are:

* Integration : You have access to your bookmarks from your browser's
menu bar and from the Mac OS X Dock.
* Document Storage : Your bookmarks are stored in URL Manager Pro
bookmark documents, which you can store and manipulate in the normal
Macintosh way. No need to hunt for your bookmarks in preferences
folders of browsers. You can make automatic periodic saves and make
copies of bookmark documents on backup devices on each save.
* History : You can surf the web using several different browsers while
URL Manager Pro will keep recording the History of each.
* Importing and exporting bookmarks : The File menu gives you a list of
all of the browsers that URL Manager Pro can import from and export to.
It lets you 'harvest' bookmarks by scanning HTML and text files for
bookmarks and URLs.
* It lets you edit and organize bookmarks fast : You can use inline
editing, label and color your bookmarks.
* Tap Sherlock power : You can index your bookmark file and tap the
power of Sherlock to look for words in your bookmark files.

URL Manager Pro is available in English, Japanese, German, French,
Italian and Spanish.

URL Manager Pro is 25 Euros shareware.

Requirements: Mac OS X or Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib 1.1.

Home Page: http://www.url-manager.com
Email: mailto:[email protected]
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