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Web Confidential for Palm 1.4

Posted: April 12th, 2004, 9:00 am
by Info-Mac
Download: ... alm-14.hqx

Web Confidential for Palm is a solution to keep your data secure while
you travel with your Palm and need access to your confidential data.
It uses an intuitive, easy-to-use card file metaphor which will enable
even novice users to get up to speed in no time.

Web Confidential for Palm is supplied with a Macintosh Conduit, so that
you can synchronize your data with your Mac.

Last but not least, Web Confidential permits you to encrypt your password
files, protecting this sensitive information from prying eyes, using a
state-of-the-art encryption algorithm. Your key can be up to 448 bits in

A Windows version is also available.


* Small, fast and stable.
* Easy to use, similar to Palm OS Address application.
* Windows and Macintosh desktop version available.
* Conduit for automatic synchronization with desktop application.
* Well thought out categories to quickly organize your data.
* Field names adapt to selected category.
* Notes can be attached to any record for any additional information.
* Key button to transfer password to another application like your Web browser
* Autolock, never forget to lock your passwords anymore.
* Hide password option, don't let someone prying over your shoulder see your passwords.
* Beam password to other Palm OS device.
* Generate password.
* Lookup, quickly jump to a record.
* Find button, find text in any field.
* Available in English, French, German and Japanese.
* State-of-the-art encryption algorithm Blowfish to keep your data secure.
* Key can be up to 448 bits long.

Web Confidential for Palm is shareware and costs $15.

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