BookMark sorter for netscape

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BookMark sorter for netscape

Post by Info-Mac » June 17th, 1998, 9:00 am

Download: ... k-sort.hqx

BookMark Sort - is a program that will sort the netscape bookmark file
and save the new file for you. You update a copy of the bookmark file
and then replace the original (you just rename the original as back up)

Works on all machines with sys 7.1 or newer including 8.1 with at least
5MB of useful memory. Works on 68 and PPC computers - needs a minimum
of 640 by 480 screen - b/w or color.

It is shareware and cost $ 10.00.

Bill Mammarella
WM Enterprises
Anaheim, CA 92801
[email protected]
714 772 4403
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