Navigator Enhancer 1.3 freeware

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Navigator Enhancer 1.3 freeware

Post by Info-Mac » November 20th, 1998, 11:00 am

Download: ... cer-13.hqx

What is Navigator Enhancer?
Navigator Enhancer is an application that works with Netscape Navigator
3.x and under by adding a handy new feature.
When Netscape designed its first-generation browsers, it included a layer
of directory buttons pointing to services that varied depending on where
and how you obtained the browser. The only problem is that Netscape
didn't give users a way to edit the title and destinations of those
buttons, and most of the time the buttons remained hidden and useless.
Navigator Enhancer allows you to edit this information, so you can
substitute your favorite Web pages and services for the ones supplied by
Netscape. A word of caution, though: make sure you've exited your browser
and made a backup copy of your browser before using this application.

Navigator Enhancer is now distributed as freeware. It is available from
Marc Mennigmann's web site and all major Macintosh shareware archives and
ftp sites. Version 1.3 does not add new features to the software. It just
changes it status from shareware to freeware.

System Requirements: Any Apple Macintosh or clone with at least a 68020
CPU running MacOS System 7.1 or later. Netscape Navigator 2.x or 3.x.

Navigator Enhancer 1.3 is available now, and may be downloaded through:

The filesize is about 580KB.

About Marc Mennigmann
Marc Mennigmann is the author of a number of well-received products,
including the reminder application "Recall" and "THE BLOCK", a powerful
password protection system for computers running the MacOS.

Contact Information: Marc Mennigmann - Press
Contact - World Wide Web
- Phone and FAX contact is not
Marc Mennigmann
[email protected]
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