Navigator Button Editor 1.3.3J - Japanese Version

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Navigator Button Editor 1.3.3J - Japanese Version

Post by Info-Mac » November 5th, 1997, 11:00 am

Download: ... 133-jp.hqx

This is the Japanese version of the Navigator Button Editor package.

Navigator Button Editor was written to customize those six less-than-lovable
directory buttons in Netscape Navigator. It has now been upgraded to
customize and expand the "Guide" button pop-up menu in Communicator 4 up to
100 custom menu items (if you have the strength to type that many in!).

You can now edit the default Search URL in Navigator and Communicator
versions 4.x!

Netscape Navigator / Communicator versions supported:

Navigator Button Editor supports Mac OS Netscape Navigator version 1.1N
through 3.x and Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.03. Future versions will
certainly be supported when necessary. (It would be nice if Netscape would
build this function into Navigator for we dedicated Mac folk.)

Version 1.3.3

- A few enhancements in response to user feedback, including:

- Added confirmation dialogs before reverting to factory or previous settings

- Added an "Extras" menu to allow the user to edit the search URL for
Navigator/Communicator 4.x

- Adding to the Guide menu will now insert a new item in the Guide pop-up
menu after the currently selected item

- Adding and removing separator lines in the Guide menu is now a bit more
user friendly

- Fixed a minor Balloon Help faux pas

Christopher Li
Bridge 1 Software
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